Fine Art Photography Prints by Kevin WY Lee


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Select Artist-signed Prints by KEVIN WY LEE

Biography: Kevin WY Lee, SINGAPORE

Kevin WY Lee is a photographer and creative director based in Singapore. Kevin has worked as a creative professional in Australia and Singapore for over 15 years. In 2010, he founded Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA), an organisation which has since grown to become a leading, influential platform for Photography & Visual Arts in Asia.


Edition of 20 each (+ 1 Artist Proof)        15" × 20"          A2

To order please quote IMAGE ID Number from available Prints.


Digital Pigment Ink Prints on Art Fibre Paper: 300 gsm, 100% alpha-cellulose. Photographs are printed to specified size, centred with border respectively. All prints are artist-signed by the photographer.

Handling & Shipping 

Prints are produced to order. Please allow 3 – 4 weeks for printing and handling before shipment of orders.



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