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I DO, I DO, I DO, Chien-Chi Chang (Taiwan/US)

These Taiwanese wedding pictures are not the celebratory nuptial norm that are the bread and butter of photographers everywhere, but rather a jaundiced look at the institution and the industry of marriage. A couple is caught in a net of spray-string confetti; a bride poses among ruin; a chain of wedding couples kisses in a zoo with caged elephants behind them; and a post-nuptial couple, in all their Western finery, sleep soundly, and separately, in the back of a limousine. I do, I do, I do reveals conflicts that the artist, a 41-year-old unwed man with three younger sisters and no brothers, feels about the notion of mariage and all the traditional family pressures that it entails.

In his work, Chien-Chi Chang makes manifest the abstract concepts of alienation and connection. “The Chain,” a collection of portraits made in a mental asylum in Taiwan, caused a sensation when it was shown at La Biennale di Venezia (2001) and the Bienal de Sao Paolo (2002). The shocking, nearly life-sized photographs of pairs of patients literally chained together resonate with Chang’s jaundiced look at the less visible bonds of marriage. He has treated marital ties in two books—I do I do I do (2001), a collection of images depicting alienated grooms and brides in Taiwan, and in Double Happiness (2005), a brutal depiction of the business of selling brides in Vietnam.

Chang received an M.S. from Indiana University, Bloomington and an B. A. from Soochow University, Taipei. He joined Magnum Photos in 1995 and was elected as a full member in 2001. He lives in Taichung, Taiwan and Graz, Austria.

Publication Details

Photographs by Chien-Chi Chang
Text by Cheryl Lai and Sarina Yeh
Hardcover: 120 pages
Publisher: Ivy Liu/Premier Foundation, 1st Edition 2001
Language: English
ISBN: 9579781729
Size: 10.2 x 10.3 x 0.7 inches

Condition: Brand New. Limited copies available.

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